Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm incensed

We live in India. It is, supposedly, a democracy. And a secular one at that. What happened at Mangalore the other day, was a black day in the history of India. Women were assaulted and molested in the name of "culture". I really wonder what kind of a culture we're talking about here. Did the perpetrators of this know the meaning of culture? I refuse to believe that anyone who goes down to that level of hooliganism really could stand up for any culture.
Sri Rama Sene is the name of this outfit. As far as I remember, a majority of this army comprised monkeys. In which case, this behavior of these people is justified! On a more serious note, I know of another organization which does this. They want to prevent "western" influence, they do not want their "culture" to be "polluted" by outside influences. They call themselves the Taliban.
And I'd hate to see my country to be Talibanised. We must stand up for ourselves. It's time we stopped cowering behind our facade of civilization and say NO. We must say NO to these fanatics who believe they have our support just because we follow the same religion they do. Condoning this sort of idiocy would make us no different from those Islamists who would be rejoicing when the Palestinians shot rockets into Israel. What they don't realize is that nobody gains from these random acts of idiocy. Nobody gains when there are innocents suffering. All it leads to is more and more violence. These Rama Sene folks do not represent the Hindus. Just like the Islamic terrorists don't represent the Muslims. And if these people really think that there would be virgins and rivers of wine and a meeting with God, etc etc, WAKE UP CALL, they'll only be wasting their time here!