Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Indian government is going to ban blogspot.com for "Security Reasons". Those being that terrorists use blogspot to communicate with each other.
Taking this a step forward, I believe the government is also going to ban:
  • emails
  • fixed line phones (Landlines)
  • cell phone services
  • courier services
  • The Indian Postal Service
  • messenger services (Gtalk, Y! Messenger, AIM, MSN Messenger etc.)
because all the above items are communication media.

Taking this another step further, the next items that will soon be banned are:

  • cars
  • buses
  • flights
  • air
  • water
  • food
  • petrol
  • currency notes
  • slippers/shoes
  • clothes
  • toothbrushes, knives, and other items of daily use,
because the terrorists have used, use, and will use these products.
Friends, now is the time. Please suggest the above list to your legislator and make sure you play your part well in this joke we call a democracy.

p.s. The above post is based on an article that was a hoax. However, just imagine a scenario like that.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hero Honda Passion Pro!

Was channel surfing a couple of days back after a long time when I came across this ad for Hero Honda Passion Pro. With a history of idiotic ads Hero Honda has been showing for the past few years, this, this, and this for example, it was a pleasure to see an ad that finally appealed. Nothing overdone, the protagonist does not speak a word, all he does is to turn off his bike at a traffic intersection, take off his helmet, get off the bike, remove a speck of dust from the body, coolly sit back down, start the engine 2 seconds before the light turns green and zoom off all the while ignoring the derision that the villains in the jeep behind him keep jabbing him with.
With this simple ad, and not a single word, so many things were said.
Our protagonist:
  • Cares for the environment(by turning off the engine),
  • Cares for himself(by taking off his helmet),
  • Cares for his bike(by flicking off the dust)
  • And hardly gives a damn for all the derision poked at him by the villains.
I wonder who made this advert. Hats off to them. They should do more HH ads.

p.s. I couldn't find the ad on youtube so there's no link up there. Do let me know if someone has a clue where I can find it. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jai Ho?

Woke up late today, still groggy, turned on VH1. The Pussycat Dolls version of 'Jai Ho' was playing... Considering that it is A.R. Rahman's composition and the Dolls obviously cashed in on the opportunity and that their only contribution was some meaningless lyrics and a few awkward dance moves with some equally pathetic makeup, it was worth noting that Rahman had barely any visibility in the video. A few seconds at the most. Hopeless. Why does Rahman do this to himself?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wow, just Wow.

The G20 Summit at London is under progress even as I type this. I was watching the BBC coverage this afternoon on, uh... well, BBC. The Brazilian Premier was speaking about the crisis. Now, for a lot of people, that wouldn't seem like that big a deal, because after all, politicians are paid to do just that; talk! But there was something special about Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. He was the only one at the G20 who was hungry growing up. Why? Because he was grew up in great adversity, even working as a shoe shine boy, working his way up the social ladder, being a Labor Union Leader at a time.
What he said made a lot of sense to me. He said that the World Economic Order has been decided by white boys with blue eyes who never saw poverty, leave alone lived in it, since the Second World War. They have decided for EVERYONE how business is done, and they have ALWAYS said that whichever way the Whitey does it is the right way. Also, of late, Whitey has stopped making any stuff of his own. All he does is print a lot of funky looking designs on some shiny paper and passes it along to everyone to buy stuff. That paper which is commonly known as the Dollar, has no intrinsic value (in Gold, for example). Having printed too much of this worthless paper, the American system subsequently collapsed under its own weight with banks and funds Leveraging all they could until finally it all gave way. After all, there is only so much shit you can feed a pig until it pukes, right? Well, the pig has puked and the shit has hit the fan. The poor horse that was making his living in a stable far far away also has been affected by the shit-fan episode for his fodder is now toxic and he too has to pay for the pig's bad eating habits.
And not just the horse, even the mouse and the chicken and the goat. Everyone will now have to pay for the pig's idiocy. Here's the worst part of all this: The pig had his fun eating all that stuff. Gobbling up Central American economies, his own citizens' pension and medical insurance money, bailing out his toxic banks, while letting his own citizens' savings go down the drain. Sure makes a lot of sense for the pig. But what about the poor horse? The one who's been slogging all his life and when he finally saw a nice retirement coming along, poof! Gone! Just like that! So, as the story ends, or begins, the horse had his legs tied to the pole earlier. The pole of poverty and ignorance. Now, the horse is free to kick the pig. And it sure looks that the pig's in for serious kickin!!! Wow!