Monday, April 27, 2009

Hero Honda Passion Pro!

Was channel surfing a couple of days back after a long time when I came across this ad for Hero Honda Passion Pro. With a history of idiotic ads Hero Honda has been showing for the past few years, this, this, and this for example, it was a pleasure to see an ad that finally appealed. Nothing overdone, the protagonist does not speak a word, all he does is to turn off his bike at a traffic intersection, take off his helmet, get off the bike, remove a speck of dust from the body, coolly sit back down, start the engine 2 seconds before the light turns green and zoom off all the while ignoring the derision that the villains in the jeep behind him keep jabbing him with.
With this simple ad, and not a single word, so many things were said.
Our protagonist:
  • Cares for the environment(by turning off the engine),
  • Cares for himself(by taking off his helmet),
  • Cares for his bike(by flicking off the dust)
  • And hardly gives a damn for all the derision poked at him by the villains.
I wonder who made this advert. Hats off to them. They should do more HH ads.

p.s. I couldn't find the ad on youtube so there's no link up there. Do let me know if someone has a clue where I can find it. :)


Abhishek Saha said...

Yeah! I liked the ad too. In fact these silent ads are the best. They convey so much without actually conveying via a conversation. Kind of like the vodafone ads. Truly brilliant!

Abhishek Joshi said...

Exactly what I was gonna say! Zoozoos speak way way more, wearing NOTHING, by their squeaks and screeches than what Shahrukh does wearing his idiotic sunglasses, hairdo, and crappy suit in the dishTv ad!