Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm sick and tired of companies who would rather spend millions lobbying and giving their senior management golden parachutes and golden handshakes even as the relevant industry goes belly up. Industry should be retooling with new cleaner technology that will save our fragile planet from the doom that is impending upon it, rather than looking for short term profits. Governments should be steeply subsidizing green technologies, and sharply cutting down Carbon production. Now, if the argument is made to the effect that the Petroleum and related industries are crucial to the economies of the Superpowers, well at this rate, we won't have to worry about Superpower status, we'll have to worry about the very existence of mankind.
Where are we going? What are we doing to our home? This is the only planet that we know is inhabitable. Although we look for other places in our solar system in inhabit, we're destroying out current habitat too quickly and too recklessly to go back. Already glaciers are melting at rates that were thought to have been possible twenty years in the future. Fairly soon, rivers will dry up as the snow capped mountains will have lost all their snow. Ocean levels would have risen and complete countries will be inundated. And then the real problem will rear its head. Globalization will take on a completely different meaning... For in a globalized world, everything is interconnected. Climate refugees will pile into their more fortunate neighbors' homes. With resources dangerously low at the moment on the planet, who are we kidding by thinking that the neighbors will actually open their doors to the refugees and welcome them with open arms to share the little of what they'd have?
If they were expected to do so, it wouldn't be fair, and there would be chaos. And as the Joker once said, "Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It's fair!"

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