Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Name is Joshi

Well, the reason that most of my batch will know me by my surname is that a) it is faster to pronounce, and b) there are more Abhisheks around than one would like. But this blog post is not about me, nor is it about my name/surname/nickname. This blog post is about the torture I underwent at the hands of the idiot named Karan Johar.
Not that I deliberately want to step on any toes here, but I honestly feel that some people should not do certain things; like I should not sing, certain professors should not teach, certain people should not be heads of state, and Karan Johar should simply stop making movies. Or at least stop resorting to cheap tactics in order to gain cheap publicity for his stupid movies that contain no substance whatsoever. The Thakre family tried to gain political mileage over what SRK said about Pakistani players being allowed in the IPL and what not, in return giving free footage to the biggest turdfest that was My Name is Khan.
And SRK implored his fans to buy tickets in an act of defiance! I implore my friends to stop going to the movie theaters to watch such stupid movies, at all! Kajol's acting was decent in the beginning, at least during the first half, I kinda liked her performance. SRK overdid everything from the beginning itself, as expected. The kid who played Kajol's kid was pretty good throughout, as was his firang "best friend" turned enemy.
The story, however lost all linkage with reality as soon as the second half started, and like a bad bad nightmare, just would not get over. It stretched and stretched and stretched until one begged for mercy... After two hours of being subjected to mindnumbingly stupid cinema fare, I was begging for the damn thing to get over, even as I could hear a bit of sniffling from some of my friends. The airconditioning in the cinema theater had given up too, and we had started perspiring by then. By the time SRK meets the US President, for some weird reason, one heaves a sigh of relief and tries to walk out of the movie hall, only to see everyone already on their feet aiming for exactly that same exit.
Now, I won't say that ALL of Indian cinema is bad, an Indian made 3 Idiots after all. I will just say that as mature cinema going audience, we really need to stop this bullshit called Karan Johar fare, if we value our intellect at all.


namitha said...
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Abhishek Saha said...

It feels sad to notice that over the past year, the quality of storytelling has gone down in Bollywood. Instead what most producers sort to is great cast, locations, songs and publicity. The core intention of making a movie has changed. Yes, you can't compare to 3 idiots because '3 Idiots' comes from a different factory of film production; one who believe in the very essence of movie making.
Anyways, SRK is a brand and whatever you do you can't ignore the huge god-like status of that guy. Even silly movies of his like 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' go on to become hits, and so will 'My Name is Khan'.

Abhishek Joshi said...

The message that the movie intended to put across did come through loud and clear, that is not to be disputed. What I am pissed off about is the way the story just went on and on and on and on ad infinitum. It was overkill and then some of the concept.

vasanti said...

totally agree with you. I just couldn't take it and left the cinema. the message intended was put across but rest of it was just- can't even express in words how aweful te movi is.