Monday, December 3, 2007

Bheemeshwari Trip

The TGN Family(Nicky,Anisha,Joy,Muru,Gyan,Sheik,me) had been out for a day trip to The Cauvery Fishing Camp at Bheemeshwari, about 120 km from Bangalore, after Kanakapura. We started off on four bikes(Unicorn - me, Yamaha - Nicky, Pulsar 200- Joy, CD Dawn - Gyan) at about 7 in the morning and reached the spot by 11:00 am thanks to quite a few breaks and photography sessions along the way. The roads were in fairly good condition, so no complaints about that. Gyan managed to fall off his bike on a pretty sharp Hairpin turn, flying off the vehicle (Superman Style) taking Muru down along with him (Rajni Style). Anyway, we got to Bheemeshwari and set up the barbeque(or should I say, Nicky set up the barbeque and we went shopping for stuff :) ). After a mouth watering barbequed Paneer(for me) and Chicken(intermittently chasing monkeys off our bikes), we decided to go boating. However that didn't turn out as expected because we were told that we'd have to book the entire package to be able to do the boating and fishing etc. To our good fortune though, there was a spot where there were "Tokri" boats at Rs. 25 per head and that was good fun. Got quite a bit of sun there and saw a great deal of beautiful scenery in that short boat ride.
We decided to take another route back to Bangalore. Albeit a bit longer than the way we had come, the route was quite scenic and there wasn't much of a climb so the road was a bit easier on the rides as well as the riders. However, as night descended there was a 5 km stretch of bad road(near Mandya) which kept us all awake! This was my first experience of riding on the highway at night. Quite an experience, I must say! Insects galore at night so helmet visors had to be down most of the time and its real tough riding with the visor down at night,so progress was a bit slow for the insect infested stretch. Anyway, we met at Punjabi Rasoi at about 10:20 pm, had a hearty dinner and then bid adieu to the Roadies!
Looking forward to the next road trip! Thanks to the Aditi Roadies for doing the trip. Was great fun.

The link to the pics is as follows:

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Admirable said...

Nice post...I will be visiting Bheemeshwari this month...